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Evalue: How to Address Section 2 of the School Self Evaluation Form

In 2005, Nigel began a collaboration with The Manor Consulting Group, a consultancy specialising in management and marketing consultancy in the public and voluntary sectors. Together, he and John Bailey developed an instrument to help primary schools meet the rigorous demands of section 2 of the new Self Evaluation Form for schools – collecting the views of parents and learners and incorporating them into improvement planning. A successful pilot at Norton sub Hamdon Church of England Primary School in Somerset, where both John and Nigel have been governors, has led to a launch of the product for the wider market:

What do your parents think about your primary school?

  • How do you gather the views of parents and learners?
  • What do they have to tell you about the quality of your provision?
  • How do you share these views?
  • How can you use this information to improve your provision?

The new inspection framework requires you to undertake regular school evaluation and the schools self-evaluation is a central part of the inspection¬Ě 

For small schools with limited management time and even more limited budgets, getting a clear and objective analysis of parental views may be quite a challenge.

To help you, two consultancies, with many years experience of school leadership, one with expertise in education, one in market research in the public sector, have developed a package, specially designed to meet the needs of primary schools.

Evalue provides your school with:

  • a parents questionnaire with twenty questions covering all the major issues required in school self-evaluation
  • four open questions for comments and queries
  • a covering letter from your chair of governors to accompany the questionnaire
  • collection and analysis of data
  • a written report on parental views, including issues to be addressed in school improvement
  • advice for your headteacher and chair of governors on future action

In addition, with Evalue Plus you can tailor the package to meet your needs with:

  • individually tailored questions to address your schools 'hot topics'
  • advice and support on gathering views of learners and staff
  • presentations for governing body, staff and parents meetings
  • further consultancy on school improvement and leadership

For more details and a confidential discussion, please

Telephone:  01935 881398 or email:  john.bailey@manorconsulting.co.uk

Hamdon Education: office@hamdoneducation.co.uk

*Evalue is a partnership between The Manor Consulting Group and Hamdon Education

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