School Review and Improvement

The Roles of Governors and Headteachers

How well is your school doing?  Could it do better?  Could there be improvement?

This School Self-Evaluation Programme enables governing bodies and (where possible) their staff and any others with an interest in the school, to determine how well the school is doing; and to help it to bring about improvements.

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Course agenda - Programme

Module 1

The first half of the School Improvement programme Module 1 considers the role of the governing body in setting the strategic direction of the school, in discharging its executive duties and in ensuring its accountability to the community. 

The three key strategic roles of

are explored, together with some practical suggestions on policies and procedures that the governing body might adopt. 

A Governing Body Survival pack is included in the programme. 

Module 1 concludes with a framework for whole school self-evaluation. This framework is particularly well suited to the participation of governors from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a wide variety of perspectives on the school, all staff of the school, parents and other members of the community.

Module 2

Module 2 of the School Improvement programme offers the governing body a framework for evaluating its own effectiveness in school improvement. It includes some more structures from the Survival Pack enabling the governing body to operate efficiently and to help it stay on task.

The material used as the basis for the School Improvement programme has been developed over a number of years of work in many schools in a number of local education authorities around the country.

Consultants can help individual schools or groups of schools work their way through the programme in the most appropriate way for them.

The course is offered either as a whole-governing body exercise or to groups of governors and staff (particularly, chair of governors and headteacher). 

The School Improvement programme is based upon the understanding that school improvement is not sustainable without the commitment and leadership of the governing body. 

It suggests that helping schools to improve continuously is a responsibility that lies as much with the community served by the school as it does with the staff or the local education authority.