Key Titles:

Falmer Press, 1998 - Described by the NAtional Association of Governors and Managers as a must for your bookshelf.

Falmer Press, 1999 - Has been reviewed as 'essential reading for all governors and school staff who wish to buiild and maintain effective strategies for a genuine shared commitment to school improvement.

Nigel Gann's first book concerns the rapid changes brought about in the voluntary sector during the 1990's.

A goldmine of information for governors, teachers adn anybody who needs to deal with the media in relation to schools.

Publications Include:

Power Struggle: Governing Bodies and Local Authorities, TES, 8.11.85

An Innovation in Community Education, Network, April 1987

School for Thought, Municipal Journal, February 1988

Managing Community Education, Network, April 1988

Leisure in an Education Centre, Network, April 1989

Left Out in the Cold: How local management can affect community groups, TES, 4.1.91

The Way Ahead: Community Use of Schools after ERA, Network, January 1991

Right Side of the Counter: Governors and LEAs, TES, 5.7.91

Shared Use of Schools in Tower Hamlets, Tower Hamlets Education Dept., 1992

The Council for Voluntary Service in Sandwell, Sandwell Borough Council, 1992

Advancing Good Management: An interim evaluation, NCVO, 1992

Demystifying the School Budget, in The Education Funding Guide (Ed. Forrester,  Mountfield & Patel), Directory of Social Change, 1995

Managing Change in Voluntary Organizations, Open University Press, 1996

In Place of Strife, The Guardian, 4.12.96

Training for Work in Southampton Communities, Southampton City Council, 1996

The Start of Something Big: School governors and development planning, TES, 30.5.97

Fight for Control of Top Task: Governing bodies and the appointment of head teachers, TES, 9.1.98

Improving School Governance: How better governors make better schools, Falmer Press, 1998

Speculate to Evaluate: How governors can check their performance, TES, 18.9.98

Targets for Tomorrow’s Schools: A guide to whole school target-setting for governors and head teachers, Falmer Press, 1999

The Beacon in Barnstaple, Teachers Magazine, DfES, December 1999

Rowland Hill Centre for Childhood: An interim evaluation, London Borough of Haringey, 1999

The Governing Body Survival Pack, CfBT, 2000

How to succeed on judgment days, TES, 7.9.2001

Relegated to the Sidelines: OFSTED should listen to governors views on inspection, TES, 2.11.2001

(with T McClellan): Schools in the Spotlight, Falmer Press, 2002

Parents in The Governor's Handbook, PFP, 2002

Strategic Partnerships, in Governors' Agenda, September, 2002

No apron strings attached, by Alison Shepherd, TES, 17.1.03

Don't be scared of challenging heads, TES, 31.1.03

A Review of Best Practice: Supplementary Schools Support Service, CfBT, 2002

Question time for inquisitors:  A performance management checklist for governors, TES 12.9.03

Perfect performance:  The new round of performance management training, TES 3.10.03

School Leadership:  Don't be the weakest link, TES 16.4.04

Comment: Commitment is the hallmark of good governors, TES 21.5.04

British teams are champs: This nation leads the world in governance, TES 18.6.04

No more heroes: Heads have to drop the super  . ., TES 7.1.05

Seven Steps to a Better Body: What are the obstacles that prevent governors working together well?, TES 13.5.05

A Dream Start (Dechrau Delfrydol), Cadwyn: All Wales Centre for Governor Training & Research, Issue 11, Summer 2005

Talking to parents must not be shirked, TES 24.3.06

Gold-dust Governors, TES 15.6.07 (with Jeremy Sutcliffe)

Now is the Time for Stocktaking, TES 5.9.08

Teachers and the Law, Education Today, Spring 2009

INSET in a Box: Developing an Effective Governing Body, Philip Allan, 2010

INSET in a Box: Managing the New Self-Evaluation Form, Philip Allan, 2010

Community Cohesion and Pupil Voice Toolkit (with Suzanne O’Connell and Tony Powell), Forum Business Media, 2010

Inspection & Self-Evaluation for Children’s Centres, Forum Business Media, 2010

Television & Radio:

Managing Schools: My Door is Always Open; and Whose Timetable, BBCTV OU 1979

Governing Schools: Four programmes, BBCTV OU 1981

Making Schools Work: 12 programmes, BBC Radio World Service, 2001