Supplementary Schools

Nigel has been involved in supplementary schooling since he helped in the establishment of one of the most successful schools in the country, the Keen Students School in Tower Hamlets.

Supplementary schools provide a critical service to mainly inner city youngsters, helping to raise their standards of achievement and open up higher education opportunities. Currently, there are hundreds of such schools throughout the country. Until early 2004, those in London, Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham were able to call on the support of the DfES-funded Supplementary Schools Support Service (S4). The majority of such schools work with young people from minority ethnic groups. The service was based at CfBT's headquarters in Reading, where Nigel was senior consultant.

The work that Nigel does with supplementary schools brings together his experience in urban education, community education and development, educational consultancy and support for the voluntary sector.

The service Nigel can offer to schools includes:

Nigel has written a Best Practice Review for the Supplementary Schools Support Service, has addressed S4 conferences and has supported a research project in Small Heath, Birmingham.

In 2002, Nigel and his colleague Kiran Campbell-Platt wrote and delivered a course for tutors and organisers of supplementary schools. The course was piloted in Leeds in 2003, and resulted in the accreditation of 18 supplementary school workers at NVQ Level 2

Read an extract from the course evaluation