International Education

Symposium on Education Reform: Ensuring Excellence through Leadership and Assessment: The Supreme Education Council of Qatar and The British Council

In 2005, Nigel joined a group of English educationalists representing the British Council at a conference for the Supreme Education Council in Dohar, the capital of Qatar. Each of the team delivered a keynote address to representatives of the Council, the government, state and private schools.

The Supreme Council is developing schools along the lines of the American Charter Schools and is interested in creating systems of governance which will allow representation of parents and the community in a way that has not been traditional in Arabian countries.

In October, 2003, Nigel Gann was invited to join a team representing the DfES and the British Council in Moscow. Working with Russian educationists, lawyers and members of the government, the team made presentations on governance in England and Wales.

They also met with Education Minister Filippov for an hour, offering advice on ways forward for the Russian government to introduce similar systems throughout the Federation.

Nigel is a member of the National College for School Leadership Governors Focus Group.