School governors in the Welsh County Borough of Wrexham study the accredited course written for the Wales Governor Training Consortium by Nigel Gann and his colleague Ann Lancett. The course leads to an award by the Open College Network which is presented by the Education Minister, Jane Davidson.

A needs-analysis survey carried out across a number of LEAs highlighted the skills training needs of Governors and staff.  I have specifically designed the courses below to meet those needs.  They are suitable for the most experienced to the least.

Our two most popular courses are School Review and Improvement and Staff & Teacher Governors

How long are the courses?

Each course can be delivered in a two-hour session; however, many of the courses benefit from longer periods if available. A half-day/long evening is adequate for most. A full day school improvement programme is available.

Each session is designed as a stand-alone to be delivered in a seminar or conference setting. They may also form a designated series of seminars for induction or continuing development purposes.

List of courses

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  1. Promoting High Standards
  2. Assuring Quality in Schools
  3. Good Leadership and Management