School Governing Body Performance Indicators

This is not meant to be used as a checklist, but as a stimulus to annual review, conducted perhaps in the late summer term. Ideally, it is carried out following a full school review by the Governors (and staff if possible). The results should inform an action plan for school Governing body improvement.


The Governing Body of X School aims for it to be a school where the complementary roles of Governors and senior staff are not only well defined but are also evident through good, effective practice; the Governors will be highly influential in setting up aims and targets for the school, identifying financial or other priorities and in monitoring and evaluating progress towards meeting them.

(adapted from OFSTED School Profile requirements, Update 24)

Governing Body Tasks

The principal tasks of a Governing Body are:

Performance Indicators

Performance indicators need to be developed around these key areas of Governing Body activity, for example:


(a) The aims, objectives, principles and targets of the school and the curriculum are clearly stated and reviewed annually.

(b) The values of the school are explicit and are agreed with and communicated to staff, pupils, parents and the wider community.

(c) All statutory policies and procedures and others as required are in place, and reflect the aims and values of the school.

(d) The school is provided with clear, challenging but achievable targets annually.


(a) The head teacher’s reports provide information enabling the Governing Body to assess action in terms of its plans for the school.

(b) All Governors participate in committee work.

(c) All Governors have an attachment to one area of the school’s activities.

(d) Governors adhere to an agreed policy on visiting the school.

(e) The Governing Body regularly uses systematic techniques to ensure that the school is meeting the aspirations of all its stakeholders, including pupils, parents, staff and the wider community.


(a) The Governing Body receives regular reports on an agreed set of performance indicators covering all aspects of the school’s work which focus on pupil achievement, or on areas of the school’s work likely to affect achievement; the Governing Body receives regular reports on pupil attainment.

(b) The Governing Body each year set mandatory targets for pupil attainment in line with statutory requirements, receives regular reports on progress towards meeting them, and compares its results with appropriate local and national figures.

(c) The Governing Body each year sets a range of targets in pupil attainment and other areas of the school’s work which reflect the Governing Body’s aims and value, and receives regular reports on progress towards meeting them.

(d) The Governing Body receives and interrogates reports from staff on the achievement of targets.


(a) The Governing Body has in place, and implements, policies and procedures for the recruitment, selection and employment of staff and for the provision of other necessary services.

(b) The Governing Body oversees and monitors the school’s finances within the budget accorded, and provides good value for money.

(c) The Governing Body ensures that the premises are fit for the purpose of delivering the curriculum and for the use of the wider community.

(d) The Governing Body provides appropriate information and support for local and national inspection to take place.


(a) The Governing Body works in cooperation with the local authority in delivering the best possible education for the pupils of the school.

(b) The Governing Body regularly seeks the views of parents and the community by questionnaires, interviews and meetings to ensure that these views are represented and reflected.

(c) The Governing Body provides appropriate information to parents, as required by law and as it believes best advances the school’s partnership with parents and pupils.

(d) The Governing Body publishes annually to pupils and parents a set of promises/guarantees/ success criteria/performance indicators which describe in appropriate language the processes, outputs and outcomes valued by the school.