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Publications: Improving School Governance

'School governors will find this a sound and practical guide to the nature of their responsibilities and the process of managing their workload. It is well researched, based on vast experience, illustrated from the best practice, free from jargon - and always interesting.' Joan Sallis

This book is about governing schools - about how a governing body made up of 'ordinary' people with no professional educational experience can help to make schools better. It is intended for governors in state schools in England and Wales, whether they are lay governors or headteachers or other educationalists, for independent school governors; and for people who work with governors.

Improving School Governance examines:

  • How school governors got to be where they are today
  • How the new governing bodies do their jobs
  • How individual governors can best contribute to their schools
  • Governors' 'accountability'
  • Governors' formal duties
  • The nature of governing body meetings
  • What rights governors have
  • The relationship between governors and the headteacher
  • The role of governing bodies in school inspection
  • What schools have a right to expect from local education authorities
  • The changing role of national government in education
  • The relationship between schools and their communities, especially parents.

The core of the book is a strategic model of school governance, and considers in detail the three key roles: planning, monitoring and evaluating. There are practical examples and sample procedures, which can be adapted, and an exercise in self-evaluation. the book concludes with a brief exploration of governors and school improvement. What is a good school? How can we tell when we see one? How can we make schools better?


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