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Publications: Targets for Tomorrow's Schools

In this book Nigel Gann explores the wide spectrum of learning that schools should be fostering, and how targets can be used to help schools define what they want children to do and be able to do.  He suggests that the use of a number of quantitative and qualitative targets, applied to the inputs, processes and outcomes of schools, can help to raise the quality of learning for all pupils.

Targets for Tomorrow's Schools is written for school governors and senior staff in schools and local authorities.  It considers:

  • the roles and responsibilities of central government, local government, the schools; inspectorate, governors, teachers and parents in improving school performance;

  • the demand for, and obsession with, targets, and how they can set the agenda of school management;

  • how governors and headteachers, on behalf of the parents and children, can set about wresting the target-setting agenda and making it - and the school itself - their own.

It offers:

  • a start to discussion about targets in schools, with an explanation of what, where and how we can measure schools;  and examples of targets in the areas of governing body responsibility;

  • an approach to evaluating the performance of the governing body;

  • a way of considering the school as a quality institution;

  • ways of answering the critical question for everyone involved in school management and governance:  How do we know how well our school is doing?

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