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Schools in the Spotlight

Pressure on schools to be publicly accountable for their policies and results has inevitably led to more institutions being thrust into the media spotlight.  Schools in the Spotlight is a hands-on guide to understanding and improving your school's relationship with the media, helping to turn unwanted publicity into positive promotion. 

Issues covered include:

  • Getting the right relationship with the media;
  • Managing public relations and writing news releases;
  • Coping with crises and unwanted publicity;
  • Dealing with interviews;
  • Integrating media relations into whole school policy.

The book also contains helpful case studies based on real life incidents, with discussions on possible solutions, and useful addresses and contacts are provided.

Governors, headteachers and everyone involved in school management will find Schools in the Spotlight an essential guide to giving their school the best possible public image.

Tim McClellan is a journalist and a principal lecturer in corporate communication at Southampton Institute.  Nigel Gann is a senior education consultant specialising in school improvement.

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