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School Improvement

(i) Promoting High Standards

This course addresses the requirement on governing bodies to actively promote high standards in schools. It considers the strategic role of governing bodies: setting aims and objectives; agreeing policies, targets and priorities. What kind of school do we want? How do we set up the framework within which the staff will deliver the outcomes agreed by the governing body? What should school policies look like?

(ii) Assuring Quality in Schools

Monitoring and evaluating are regarded by Ofsted and Estyn as key duties of the governing body – but they are also the most difficult tasks to get right. How does the governing body monitor the performance of the school to ensure that it is delivering to the standards that have been agreed? What evidence do governors need, in order to know how well the school is doing? This course explores the various strategies that governing bodies use and proposes ways in which these can be structured to provide the focus of governing body activity.

(iii) Good leadership and management

Governing bodies are required to act as a critical friend to the headteacher – a difficult role for ‘volunteers’ to fulfil in their relationship with a highly skilled professional. How can the governing body simultaneously support the headteacher and hold her/him to account for the performance of the school? This course suggests a number of strategies which enable this key relationship to work for the greatest benefit of the school while avoiding the most common causes of friction. We will also look at ways in which the governing body can discharge its own accountability to the community for the performance of the school, and to consider how best they can perform their various roles.

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