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Activate Your Voice

Activate Your Voice for school governors:

  • Identifies the key roles of governors
  • Locates the obstacles which prevent us from getting the best out of our governors
  • Offers a range of strategies to use to enable you to get best value for time from everyone.

This workshop is also available in versions for other groups. For example:

  • Trustees and management committees of charities
  • Town and parish councils
  • Parochial church councils
  • Environmental interest groups
  • Any group or committee responsible for the management or oversight of a service

Activating the Voice of the Governing Body

The Issue:

Where there is good governance the school is more likely to be successful . . . there is a marked correlation between schools where the pupils achieve well and schools that have effective governing bodies (Ofsted: The Work of Governing Bodies)

Governors make an invaluable contribution to schools in Wales.  However, there is much variation in the extent to which governors question heads and teachers about standards and quality and develop effective procedures for monitoring and evaluation. In some cases, . . . while training makes governors able to make informed judgements about standards and quality, they remain reluctant to ask pertinent questions of heads and teachers. (Estyn: The Quality of Training and Support Provided by LEAs to School Governors)

A good governing body: offers support, constructive advice, a sounding board for ideas, a second opinion on proposals and help where needed . . . but may also challenge, ask questions, seek information, improve proposals and so seek to arrive at the best solution (DfES: The Roles of Governing Bodies and Headteachers)

How can I get my governors to challenge me more effectively? – A head teacher

The Aim of the Workshop is to help you get the best out of your governing body.

The new Inspection Handbook for schools in England uses these words and phrases about the best governing bodies:

  • Creativity
  • Dynamism
  • Promoting change
  • Major contribution to school leadership
  • Full involvement in planning and policy-making.

Key Questions

  • Does our  school get best value for time from its governors?
  • Do we use their skills and qualities to the full?
  • What prevents us from achieving excellence in our governance?

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Comments from Caerphilly School Governors who attended Activate:

All aspects of the course were extremely relevant and wonderfully demonstrated

Excellent content – very relevant to my governing body

Some excellent material to consider and implement

Most enjoyable

Very enjoyable

Very interactive – good to work with so many Headteachers.

Very open, honest discussion.

Excellent, many fresh and manageable ideas.

All aspects made total sense and are definitely essential in every school.

Challenging – made me reflect on my own practice, feeling towards Governors and their role.

So many good ideas.


Well judged course.

Just right – a good balance between introductions and group work.

Run again to extend to other Governors.

Very valuable to get more Governors to undertake this training.

Motivating – Didn’t expect to appreciate the course as much as I actually did – can’t wait to get started!

Clear and  concise.

Appreciated the variety of techniques and movement.

Has given me a focus for the way forward.

A wonderful day.  I would have liked all Governors involved.  Good to speak with other Governing Bodies.  Made me more aware of how to improve and get the best out of the Governing Body in order to give pupils a better education.

Thank you!

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